Find a Local Dentist in UK

Local Dental was created out of frustration with the current way dental services can be found. It’s been the same for many years now.

The Problem:

We found that if you are someone who is looking for Dental Implants (for example), you have many providers.

You need to go through many websites which is very time-consuming and some people simply may not want to spend all their time reading websites and researching. They would prefer a call from the friendly local practice who invites them in for a consultation and offer treatments.

We believe that if the patient gets a simple choice of 3 providers who offer a professional & friendly service, they will prefer the simplicity of that approach.

The Solution:

Enter Local Dental.

The premise is simple:

1 – Go online & state clearly what service you are looking for (i.e. – Implants)
2 – Say how many you need & your town / city
3 – Confirm that you have a general understanding of costs & state how urgently you’d like this treatment to begin

That’s it. Simple.

We will then have approx 3 local providers contact you with their offerings. You can listen and speak to each one and make your mind up.
We do the legwork for you & find local, professionals to provide the treatment.
You just provide your details once & then wait for the best people to get in touch.

This approach is far more user friendly & we are proud of its simplicity.
It couldn’t be easier and the treatment providers come to you.
Go ahead and give it a try. Let’s get you started.


Local Dental makes it incredibly easy to get new patients. It took me 30 seconds to login, pick the patient, get the leadwe will be offering them a consultation in the morning.

This is exactly what Dentistry has needed for many years & will help many dentists grow their practices.

Sanjay Sareen
Smile Dental Care Basildon