How does Local Dental work?

After working as marketers for years, we observed that the Dental industry needed a leads provider where practice owners & managers can just go in, select the kind of work the practice wants (implants, Invisalign, etc) and then select the local geography.

We will then simply provide leads for patients in that area who are looking for the service. We will, for a cost, allow you to contact the patient directly and put them into your diary.  Your expert team will then follow through and you will provide the expert treatments you provide.

How do I sign up?

We’ve made it easy to join Local Dental. Go ahead and click the “Get Started” button. Follow the simple steps and you’re done.

You can start calling your first few patients thereafter. The patient supply will be updated as often as possible, in real-time.

There’s no credit card requirement just to sign up.


Where can I find new patient leads?

The key focus here is simplicity & speed. We wanted it to be as simple as possible & as quick as possible for you to find new leads for your practice.

You can go to Local Dental and create your account. Once this is done, you set your lead & geographic preferences. Then you simply view the leads you want and purchase using your credit allowance. Credit allowance can be topped up using your credit/debit card and it couldn’t be simpler.

For now, use the main website to purchase the lead or the mobile site. An App is currently being developed but the mobile site will perform the same functions. Go ahead and save the mobile site to your home screen on the mobile so that you can easily access it with one click, the same as you with the app.

As well as this, each lead, once purchased will be emailed to your designated email address. It will contain the relevant contact information about the patient and you can contact them vie this email too.

How much does the service cost?

At this stage, all leads will fall under a base figure (£25 to £35 per lead). However, in future, the leads will reflect the value of the lead. It’s commonly understood that one implant could be £1.5k to £2.5k whereas a full mouth could run into the thousands (£10+ to £20k+).

At this early stage, we will keep the lead cost flat, just to demonstrate the mechanism. Over time, this will evolve to reflect the value of the patient to the practice.

The costs of leads will increase with inflation as we move forward.

What happens after a patient lead is purchased?

Once you have selected the patient lead you are looking for and have purchased it, you will receive the patients contact details in your account & so you are advised to make contact immediately.

An email will also be sent to the patient introducing them to your profile page so that they can learn more about you & read your patient ratings, that will grow over time.

Please note that the patient may get 3 experts contact them & so it is crucial to make that first impression a good one. This starts with immediate follow up.  Contact them straight away.

How do I keep up with my leads?

Keeping track of the lead through to sale is critical to the success or failure of your operation & experience with Local Dental. The leads only matter in as much as you

We have introduced a very simple traffic signal system. Red is for leads not yet contacted, yellow/amber is for leads approached and placed into the diary and green is for patients who have agreed to proceed.

What’s the cancellation policy?

There is no contractual tie-in for using Local Dental. You simply buy as you go. Every time your practice gets a little quiet or you find a little space in the diary, just log on to Local Dental and find your new patients.

There’s no need for anyone’s practice to stay quiet. You now know where to find your patients and they will be there, ready & waiting for you.

How many responses can a customer receive?

We though a lot about this and as we didn’t want patients to be constantly bombarded with phone calls, we decided to cap it at 3. Each patient will be allowed to be contacted by 3 specialists only. After that, no more local dentists can opt for that patient. That way, the patient won’t be driven crazy and 3 is sufficient for the patient to make a choice. It’s also good for the Dentist as we wanted to allow everyone a genuine opportunity. You are competing with 2 others only. We think this is completely fair.

How are the Local Dental the leads qualified?

We appreciate how important it is for the leads to be genuine, sincere & for them to need your services immediately.  With this in mind, we built the processes up into the point of the initial enquiry.

1 – We verify contact details for everyone

2 – We ask the patient to clearly state the service required

3 – We ask them when they need the treatment to begin

4 – We ask the patient to confirm that they understand the typical costs of treatment so that you can be assured that the patient is fully aware of the financial implications of the treatment they need.  This ensures that as a professional, you are calling leads that are real and have a grasp of how the treatment they want, the costs involved & are ready to commence treatment once the right specialist comes along.

5 – You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about any of the enquiries & we will be happy to look into it to ensure you are getting the right service levels.

As a dentist, how do I get the best results?

The Importance of Following up the Lead Immediately

We have observed over many years that the process of taking a lead & closing the lead, while it appears simple at the outset, it is not as easy as one would suspect at the outset.

A lead is only a warm lead for a limited period of time.  Typically, the first movers will always have the advantage.  If you are lucky enough to get the lead first & call the patient, you have a far higher probability of getting a successful result.

The hardest part is always getting that first point of contact established.  Often, patients just prefer a straight-forward phone call where they can ask questions and get immediate answers.

As well as this however, you should utilise all contact information.  Initial contact is absolutely key.

If they don’t answer the phone, be sure to leave a message.  You can send an SMS or an immediate email. It’s very important to do these just to give a good & professional first impression that can be followed up on the next call.

What mistakes should I try to avoid?

You are a dental expert & so you will be familiar with the sensitivity of the patient sale.  Sometimes, the treatments can be costly process for the patient who might be a pensioner or someone young.  One of the key dangers is to try too aggressively to get the sale and make the patient feel a sense of obligation.

In our experience, the ones who always win the sale are the ones who make the patient feel welcome, make the patient feel wanted and are extremely attentive to what the treatment requirements are.

If they feel that your approach at the point of sale is sincere & that their treatment is going to be the very best they have encountered, the appointment usually follows along with the green-light, to go ahead.

What kind of contracts do we need to sign?

The basic level service will have no contractual obligations attached to it. You will buy leads as and when you need them.

New packages will be introduced and some of them may have a contractual duration but these will be clearly stated at the outset.

For now, we invite you to join the family & build your practice. Nothing will make us happier than to see you & your practice thrive & grow into many practices and build a foundation for your family.

How many leads do we need to buy before we get a new patient?

Why should I ask for a rating?

Slowly, over time, you will build up your Local Dental rating with patients.  The more you get, the easier it is for patients to find previous testimonials from very happy patients.  Over time, you will earn lots of 5 star reviews and your reputation as the best will become established.

Your ratings will appear on your profile page and will appear under the ratings section.